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2nd BN 3rd Marines, H Company, Hotel Company, Marine Corps, Quang Nam, Vietnam War

1965 H Company Duty Roster

1965 Vietnam

H Company 2nd BN 3rd Marines 3rd Mar Div

9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade



Please Note:  The BLOG may be down at times because I am revising/editing or working out the kinks.  This is all new to me so please be patient–I WILL master it.

This BLOG is dedicated to the Brave Warrior Marines of Hotel Company 2nd Battalion 3rd Marine Regiment 3rd Marine Division 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade. Starting in 1964, these men trained in California, Okinawa Japan, Philippines and Thailand for the eventuality that was sure to come.

There had been rumors that we would be called upon to join the fight with our other fellow Marines who had landed in Vietnam in early March with a force of about 2000 Marine. Their mission had been to provide security for the Da Nang Air Base. On April 10, 1965 the order was given to disembark from the USS Lenawee and board landing craft. In the early morning of April 10th 1965 we made a landing at Red Beach 2 just north of Da Nang. Company E remained on board the Lenawee as a work party. The rest of the Battalion was trucked 8 miles NW of Da Nang and dropped of at the base of Hill 278 in Quang Nam Province and others went to Hill 312 which was joined with Hill 278.

From these high points many patrols and combat actions would take place. We lost quite a few Marines (KIA’s) and many more wounded (WIA’s) from live fire, shrapnel, traps and diseases. The purpose of this BLOG is not to allow these Marines to be forgotten nor their deeds unaccounted for. Still to this day these men await war medals for valor, purple hearts for wounds and VA benefits which they justly deserve. The Marines are all 64 years old or older and due to circumstances beyond their control, the Unit was broken apart to provide combat tested personnel into other “green units” that had just arrived in Vietnam. All most all of them didn’t have an opportunity to say goodbye to the men they knew well and didn’t get the contact information they to stay in contact.

In 2008, I started a search for three Marines who had been a part of my life before and after Vietnam. I wanted to find Sgt Harold H. Fitch because he had saved my life. I searched for Ira Green and Stephen Coco because I had known both in the state and watched them get wounded at the Village of Le My. I too was wounded in a punji trap and broke an ankle. The three of us were evacuated from the field and sent to the same hospital and then finished our tour as instructors at Edson Range, Camp Pendleton.

I located Stephen Coco in Mississippi in late July 2008. I was only able to talk to him twice before he passed away from diseases caused by Agent Orange. I cried like a baby. I was like I had Lost a blood brother. diseases.

I was a year too late in locating Sgt. Fitch. He had passed away the year prior. On my first call when I started for Ira Green, I found him in Florida. He too was suffering from his combat injuries as well as Agent Orange. Ira had been disabled for well over 20 years.

In Late 2010, I was at my PC listening to Taps being placed for Marines killed in Iraq. It touched me so that tears came to my eyes, then sobs and finally I cried out loud. My wife must have heard me because she came into my office and asked what was wrong. I had always kept Vietnam and my feelings to myself, not sharing with her how I really felt about Vietnam and the Marines who had been a part of my life on a daily basis for three full years. I broke down and finally talked to her about my injuries, my time in service and personal issues I had managed to hide from her during our 22 years of marriage.

Always encouraging and protective of me, she pleaded with me to continue the search for all the other Marines. She also made me promise that I go to the VA and get some help. To move things along to the present, I have located 147 of my Marine Brothers, however, 62 are already deceased. As for the VA, I have diseases caused by Agent Orange and chronic PTSD.

Most of the Marine from Hotel Company had not heard from anyone they served with in over 46 years. I started publishing my found list and now long-lost friends are once again reunited. We are now planning for a reunion in las Vegas, Nevada for August or September 2012. More will be published as details are finalized.

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The following Marines of Hotel Company Have Been Located

Platoon Last First M

3rd Abeyta Tony G

1st Ailes William P

Allen James W

2nd Alonzo Horacio M

1st Altrich Gerald F

2nd Arrick James D

1st Ask Curtis P

WPNS Barnett Kenneth C

3rd Basansky, Jr Iwan G

WPNS Basham Johnny W

3rd Bentley Larry G

2nd Brining Howard W

3rd Brown James

WPNS Butler Lewis E

1st Calac Stephen E

WPNS Carmichael Richard E

2nd Cisneros Thomas L

3rd Clawson Randy W

2nd Bn CMDR Clement David A

WPNS Clendenin Charles B

2nd Coco Stephen L

WPNS Daniels Danny (Glenn) H

2nd Danielson Ronald E

2nd Deel Tom (Theron) H

3rd Dempsey Frank (Francis) T

2nd Donnell Lasalle

1st Doran Richard L

WPNS Eby Warren (Craig) C

WPNS Everett Richard W

1st Fitch Joseph H

WPNS Flaherty Donald E

2nd Fleming Stanford J

WPNS Fletcher Michael J

WPNS Frankl Joseph

WPNS Gambacorta Mario

1st Gemensky Johnny M

2nd Glessner Richard A

3rd Gifford Freddie L

2nd Green Ira E

1st Grewe Robert J

2nd Grove Gary M

WPNS Gullickson Larry G

2nd Grosskopf Gene M

2nd Hall Donald F

3rd Hammond Jay D

WPNS Hardin Henry F

WPNS Harper Benjamin F

3rd Harrison Gary O

WPNS Hefley Ronald E

1st Herbison Thomas A

E CO Heribson Robert E

3rd Hopcroft Dennis D

3rd Howard Anthony E

3rd Hoy Robert W

3rd Huerta Manuel J

WPNS Hunt George H

1st Ivy James B

1st Jackson Robert N

Jackson Ross C

WPNS Jensen Dale L

WPNS Jones Gerald W

2nd Kereazes Steve Steryeon

3rd Kirchoff David E

2nd Kirkpatrick Jerome c

HQ CO Lasley Jerry D

WPNS Lawton Ronald G

3rd Lee Tyrone H

1st Lemos Frank P

Lheureux Dennis L

1st Linden Harold C

WPNS Lippard Karl C

3rd Long Gilbert A

2nd Lott Ivan R

3rd Lundquist Richard R

WPNS Margiotta Anthony J

Marlow Billy C

HQ CO Marquardt Paul L

Martin Paul H

WPNS McDaniel Louis L

1st McKay Johnny W

1st McMahan II John W

2nd McTigue Edward J

WPNS Melim Richard PK

1st Mentler, Jr Cornel J

3rd Milberry Robert J

WPNS Motter Leroy E

1st Nelson Nels S

WPNS Niebauer Robert L

WPNS Nielson William J

E CO Norrod Gary T

WPNS Nunez Arturo

PLT CMDR O’Connor, Jr Lt David P

3rd Oberg William A

1st Ogden Richard E

O’May James T

1st Pare Leo R

3rd Parks Johnny D

WPNS Parsons William B

WPNS Patterson Willie J

1st Pickens James H

2nd Pierce Kenneth H

HQ CO Pierce Samuel H

WPNS Prentice James

Presley Leon J

1st Rakowski Thomas P

Rainaldi Angelo P

3rd Ramsey Mike (Gary) M

2nd Revis Grady M

WPNS Reymond Charles

WPNS Rhodes Gary L

WPNS Riccubuono Theodore (Ric) F

1st SGT Robinson Robert B

3rd Rush Arthur L

Russell Jeffery J

WPNS Salas (Pablo) Paul

1st Sanchez Juan “Oscar” O

Shannon Edward

WPNS Silva Peter M

WPNS Simms Charles E

1st Singleton Cortney T

WPNS Sloan Sam W

WPNS Smith Ronald N

2nd Stearman Gary E

WPNS Stumbo William Thomas

1st Sturtevant Ronald J

2nd Summers James P

Tessier Jean (John) R

1st Tidwell Joseph D

HQ CO Trede Ronald A

1st Trella Carl S

WPNS Trevino Roberto I

1st Vandervort Conrad

3rd Varner Ronald E

WPNS Vondran Laverne A

Wallis David G

2nd Ward Charles William

3rd Weeks Paul E

2nd Westmoreland Darrell W

3rd Wheeler Edward D

3rd Whipple James W

PLT CMDR Williams, Lt Del (Clarence) D

3rd Wildey Richard A

2nd Wilson Herman L

WPNS Willoughby Larry D

PLT CMDR Woodard, Lt Robert H

1st Young Curtis E


PLEASE CONTACT PAUL *505^927*2219*.

Adams Charles W

Allen Charles Matthew

Barker Ronald Eugene

Brant Richard Lee

Brining Howard W

Brown Edward

Brown Frank m

Browning Robert E

Calder William D

Campbell Jean Francis

Conway Edward J

Cox Joseph Albert

Davis Robert W

Dawson Robert William

Dorsey Jesse Clarence

Downer Edmon Ray

Fleace James Russell

Francis Lt William

Freeman Andrew C

Hankins David D

Hayes (HN) Charles E

Hebert Francis V

Holden, Jr George L

Holiman Jackie M

Hollis Lindell R

Johnson James F

Johnson Willie

Jones James Elbert

Jones Thomas

Kelsay Fred Milton

Lewis Michial K

Locke James Clyde

Luhrs August W

Martin, Capt Robert J

McCarthy, Lt John W

Miller Johnnie R

Morales Jose Agustin

Morgan Richard A

Nelson Arthur V

Nichols Phillip T

Oliver Tony D

Pacholski James J

Prater, III James Edward

Reeder James Randolph

Rodriguez Richard J

Sanders Harvey

Segundo Raymond M

Sternisha Henry L

Stewart Robert Walter

Thomas Ernest P

Turner Bobby Lee

Walker Edward John

Ward Charles William

Wheeler Robert J

Wilson Larry Howard

Winsor Francis H

Wolff Arthur Lee

Palmer (Zacker), Jr Reuben E

by Paul Salas Rio Rancho, NM


About 1965marinewarriors

Retired Plant Engineer, Served in the Marine Corps 1964 to 1967. Wounded in combat on 11 May 1965. Decided to try and find all the Marines I served with in Vietnam. Had not seen or spoken to a single person in 46 years


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